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Amplifier Summer Convening

We are inspired to give together for many reasons. Are we motivated by our desire to make change? To build our own communities? To leave behind a legacy? At Amplifier's ...

Past Events


2016 Summer Giving Circle Convening

This summer, join giving circle leaders and members from around the globe for a unique opportunity to celebrate, inspire one another, and learn together. A number of experienced giving circle ...


ACRONYM Conference

ACRONYM: Leading the Jewish Alphabet is a one-day leadership development conference for 100 New York area young Jewish lay leaders convened by the Council of Young Jewish Presidents (CYJP), an ...


Amplifier @ Jewish Funders Network Conference

Giving circles, hailed as the “new face of collective giving,“ have enormous potential to enrich and transform philanthropy. This interactive, engaging, and inspiring half-day convening will connect members and supporters ...


Amplifier @ The Collaboratory

Convening: Amplifier at The Collaboratory This interactive, engaging, and inspiring convening will connect members and supporters of giving circles from across North America. Bring your experience, your questions, and your ...


Amplifier Facilitation Workshop

About Much of a giving circle’s work happens through group discussions and building consensus. Knowing how to facilitate meetings effectively is a vital skill for circle leaders, whether they’re volunteers ...

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