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Giving Circle Quickstart

Sign-up for Giving Circle Quickstart: the 1-2 punch to starting your own giving circle. You’ll get a 90-minute online training session on August 6th, 1:00 pm EST covering the basics of starting and running a giving circle, plus three coaching calls with a giving circle expert to help you start and run your own unique giving circle.

After this experience you will:

  • have a clear understanding of what giving circles are, including examples of real giving circles
  • know which steps take to start and successfully run your own giving circle
  • have a wealth of resources to help troubleshoot and continue learning

There are two pricing tiers for the Quickstart:

  1. $50 for individuals not affiliated with organizations and
  2. $100 for professionals starting a giving circle as part of their organization.

If financial or time constraints make it difficult for you to participate in Giving Circle Quickstart, please email us at [email protected].