Our Story

In 2014, Amplifier started as a project of the Natan Fund with a mission of starting and supporting giving circles inspired by Jewish values. These giving circles bring people together to pool their charitable contributions and go through a process that is inspired by Jewish values to decide how to allocate these funds. Amplifier learned that givers are transformed by being part of a giving circle—they have more meaning and purpose in their giving; they understand how they can most influence and create change they want; and they build meaningful relationships with others. 

Our communities and our nonprofit sector are stronger when more people give and more voices are heard. This is why we are expanding on our successes starting and supporting giving circles to more broadly ignite Jewish giving for all. Today, Amplifier:

  • Provides resources and tools to people and organizations to ignite giving.
  • Builds organizations’ capacity to support people to give
  • Informs the field of Giving Inspired by Jewish Values

As we pursue our work, we continue to start, support, and learn from giving circles inspired by Jewish values. Our experiences with giving circles provides insight into what engages, motivates, and strengthens individual givers.