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Our Impact

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished this far and look forward to having an even bigger impact in the years ahead.

  • We’ve helped launch 120 new giving circles.
  • In total, 181 giving circles with over 4,500 members have participated in Amplifier’s network through 1:1 coaching, attending an event or program, or utilizing online resources.
  • In 2016 the giving circles in our network allocated $6.4 million.
  • In collaboration with our partners, we have facilitated 78 pop-up giving circles, engaging 2,858 people and allocating over $230,000.
  • We’ve completed 5 Giving Circle Incubator cohorts, launched 66 new giving circles, with a success rate of 64%.
  • Our 108 accessible, online resources have been downloaded over 58,000 times.

    With our partners, the Community Investment Network, the Latino Community Foundation, Catalist, and the Asian Women’s Giving Circle, we’ve launched a national 5 year initiative to scale, strengthen, and sustain giving circles across the United States.