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100 Chai

New York, NY

About Us

100 Chai is a giving circle that cultivates strategic conversations around philanthropy for Jewish young professionals living in New York City who are passionate about helping others.

Anyone can be their own philanthropist.

100 Chai is a giving circle that provides guidance and learning for Jewish young professionals who are beginning to discover who they are as members of their communities.

It can be challenging to shape one's own philanthropy in a meaningful and strategic way. Questions arise, like, when is it the right time for me to start giving back to my community? How can I do so in a way that is meaningful and sustainable? 

100 Chai decided they wanted to learn and grow together as young Jewish philanthropists. Its members seek to change the landscape of giving among peers ages 22 to 40. 

Giving can be a communal experience that is fun, engaging, and informative. 

Let's go on this adventure together.

Our Focuses

  • Education, Outreach & Community Building
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Arts, Culture, Media & New Media

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