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Cafeteria Giving

Brookly, NY

About Us

Our giving circle is a group of friends located primarily in New York and Ohio. Our friendship was built on a deep respect for our differing values and our 'Cafeteria-Style' personal choices.

In keeping with our values, our charitable causes of choice and target populations will vary from project to project.

First, we think about which values inform our giving. Then, we do some research about nonprofits that could benefit from our gifts. We then choose a few “candidates/nonprofits” as a group. With a shortlist of very worthy projects, we finally come to a consensual decision about which nonprofits might best fit our criteria for the donations.

All funds donated will be held in a GrowFund Money Market (interest-bearing) account until a grantee is decided on and a grant is made. 

Our Focuses

  • Changes Annually
  • Basic Needs
  • Education, Outreach & Community Building

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Please note: Joining a circle is not an immediate process. You are sending a message to the Circle Leader to start a conversation and see if you and the circle align with each other. If everyone feels comfortable, then the Circle Leader will send you an invite to join the circle.