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Homebase Giving Circle

Homebase Giving Circle

Brooklyn, NY

About Us

We are a group of close friends living in Brooklyn, NY. We want to use our collective knowledge, networks, interests, and assets to help marginalized populations in New York City/Brooklyn access empowerment opportunities.

We formed our circle to see what it would look like for a group of friends to leverage our shared interests, assets, and expertise toward making our local Brooklyn/New York City community a better place.

We seek to support organizations that:

  1. Are run by people who they seek to engage, and/or who include a significant proportion representing those they seek to engage in both their professional and volunteer leadership;
  2. Are local to Brooklyn or New York City;
  3. Address "transformational" change by seeking to influence lives, policy and culture - not simply addressing immediate need; and
  4. Promote worthiness and joy among those who they support.

Our Focuses

  • Changes Annually
  • Economic Development, Empowerment & Security

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