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NIF New Gen Giving Circle

NIF New Gen Giving Circle

New York, NY

About Us

We believe in an Israel where the Jewish people achieve self-determination in their homeland and where everyone participates in a shared and just society, predicated on the best values of Judaism, humanism and liberal democracy. Our ideals are equality, tolerance and social justice.

This circle is what you want it to be - find a common value, issue, or population that you care about and curate grantees to fit your vision. 

Our Focuses

  • Advocacy, Politics & Social Justice
  • Education, Outreach & Community Building
  • Economic Development, Empowerment & Security
  • Diversity and Inclusion

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Please note: Joining a circle is not an immediate process. You are sending a message to the Circle Leader to start a conversation and see if you and the circle align with each other. If everyone feels comfortable, then the Circle Leader will send you an invite to join the circle.