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NowGen Giving Circle - Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix

NowGen Giving Circle - Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix

Scottsdale, AZ

About Us

Creating a strong Jewish community inPhoenix, by bringing together leaders in their 20's to make a difference for our local community, Israel, and around the world. A Project in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix.

Robert Sarver, owner of the Suns, spoke at a Jewish event last year.

He earned $42,000 in his first job. A Jewish philanthropist asked him to give $5,000 to one cause, and $5,000 to another. That was over 20% of his salary.

What did he do? He gave it.

He joined the boards, and now owns the Suns.

The networks that he made by joining an elite group of peers, who were likeminded, and on track to success, paid off royally.

We don't do this for the payoff. We do this because we are leaders. Because we believe that we have the power to shape communities, to bring people together, and to lead our community by being the ones who step forward.

We believe we can make this community better than where it started, and we're starting here.

Our Focuses

  • Changes Annually
  • Economic Development, Empowerment & Security
  • Basic Needs
  • Education, Outreach & Community Building

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