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About Us

The Jewish Pride Fund (JPF), a Giving Circle of the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation, is committed to supporting the intersecting needs, values and interests of the LGBTQ and Jewish communities in the Bay Area, nationally and in Israel. Our vision is to create a world where Jewish LGBTQ voices are heard across Jewish secular and religious society. We believe that if we empower LGBTQ individuals and families that identify with the Jewish community through financial and activist support of deserving organizations, we contribute to the rising power and agency of the LGBTQ community as a whole.  We believe that members of the Jewish LGBTQ community have a unique role to play in civil right, social justice, and religious inclusion.  

Launched in 2018, the JPF granted $18,000 in year-one, with a focus on supporting youth. In 2019 the Jewish Pride Fund grew in membership and granted over $29,000 to LGBTQ-serving organizations in the three geographic areas, with diverse spectrum grants impacting orthodox youth in the United States to trans youth in Israel to organizational professionals in the Bay Area. In 2020, the Jewish Pride Fund is on track to again grant $29,000+ in the Bay Area, nationally and in Israel.

Our Focuses

  • Other
  • Education, Outreach & Community Building
  • Economic Development, Empowerment & Security
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Arts, Culture, Media & New Media
  • Advocacy, Politics & Social Justice

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