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Rose Youth Foundation

Rose Youth Foundation

Denver, CO

About Us

Each year, Rose Youth Foundation members work together to explore Jewish traditions of giving, identify needs in our community and make grants totaling $60,000 to help address those needs.

Rose Youth Foundation is a diverse group of 23 Jewish students in grades 10 through 12 who want to use their Jewish values and the tools of strategic philanthropy to make a real difference in our community.

Rose Youth Foundation is a youth-led program. The members of Rose Youth Foundation identify community issues, set funding priorities and meet with nonprofit organizations in order to determine how they can use grantmaking as a tool to create positive change.

In 2001, Rose Community Foundation created Rose Youth Foundation in order to:

-Empower Jewish youth with the tools and resources to solve problems in their communities through the practice of strategic philanthropy

-Provide youth the opportunity to explore Jewish teachings and traditions in the context of contemporary issues and community service

-Broaden and deepen participants’ connections to Judaism and to one another and create connections across the denominational spectrum of Judaism

Our Focuses

  • Changes Annually

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