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Tzedakah for Justice

Tzedakah for Justice

Washington, DC

About Us

To create a committed community that strategically works and learns together to consider our collective responsibilities and support grassroots social justice efforts in Washington DC.

The giving circle will include a 4-part series of meetings to talk about values of giving (based on Jewish and other faith-based traditions), learn about local social justice issues, and reflect on having money and class privilege. The upfront commitment will include a meaningful donation to a local anti-poverty/social justice cause that aligns with our values and commitments, that the group will decide upon collectively.

Our Focuses

  • Advocacy, Politics & Social Justice
  • Economic Development, Empowerment & Security
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Contact Tzedakah for Justice

Please note: Joining a circle is not an immediate process. You are sending a message to the Circle Leader to start a conversation and see if you and the circle align with each other. If everyone feels comfortable, then the Circle Leader will send you an invite to join the circle.