2015 Incubator Participants

We are pleased to introduce the 2015 cohort, a diverse group of leaders from across North America who represent a multitude of communities, philanthropic interests, and organizations.

Meet past Incubator participants & learn why they wanted to start a giving circle.

  • Alli Lesovoy

    Alli Lesovoy

    Repair the World
    Brooklyn, NY

    There are many ways to help repair the world. I spend a lot of my time volunteering with many different organizations. Now, it's time for me and my friends to give in a new way.

  • Amanda Levine

    Amanda Levine

    New York, NY

    I want to start a giving circle because I want to inspire my peers to give collectively and strategically in a Jewish context.

  • Andi Lewittes

    Andi Lewittes

    Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey
    Paramus, NJ

    I want to start a giving circle because it is a compelling way for people to express their Jewish identity and Jewish values, bonding with like-minded people in making meaningful philanthropic choices.

  • Andrea Kovalsky

    Andrea Kovalsky

    JDC Entwine
    New York, NY

    I want to start a giving circle because giving circles resonate with our generation, young people are looking for hands on, educational philanthropic experiences.

  • Angie Lieber

    Angie Lieber

    Hannah Senesh Community Day School
    Brooklyn, NY

    I want to start a giving circle to give donors a chance to feel really connected to their giving.

  • Ari Lucas

    Ari Lucas

    Temple Beth Am
    Los Angeles, CA

    I want to start a giving circle because I want to deepen our communal connections and caring through a more intentional approach to giving.

  • Ashley Harrington

    Ashley Harrington

    Jewish Family Service of San Diego
    San Diego, CA

    I want to start a giving circle because I want my generation to have the tools to engage in active philanthropy, build an intentional & values-based community, and make a greater impact together than we could ever achieve alone.

  • Boris Varshavsky

    Boris Varshavsky

    Limmud FSU Canada
    Toronto, ON

    I want to start a giving circle because I want to directly affect the Russian Jewish community of Toronto with proven and effective fundraising methods.

  • Danielle Minson

    Danielle Minson

    Jewish Federation of Cincinatti
    Cincinatti, OH

    I am excited to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit with both funders and idea generators. This is going to have a big impact in Cincinatti!

  • David Chapman

    David Chapman

    New Israel Fund
    New York, NY

    I believe giving circles will provide a powerful and galvanizing tool for New Israel Fund's New Generations community to engage deeply with one another and with social justice in Israel.

  • Eden Banarie

    Eden Banarie

    North Hollywood, CA

    I want to start a giving circle because I want to continue exploring my Jewish values with my peers while giving back to the community and helping others.

  • Eli Massel

    Eli Massel

    Birthright Israel Foundation
    New York, NY

    I want to start a giving circle because the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Erica Aren

    Erica Aren

    San Francisco, CA

    I want to start a giving circle because it's crucial to contribute to and create the positive change we wish to see in the world today.

  • Gail Mandel

    Gail Mandel

    Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
    Portland, OR

    I want to bring Jewish young adults together to experience the thrill of philanthropy and work collaboratively to bring about dynamic change to our community to benefit future generations.

  • Hillel Buechler

    Hillel Buechler

    The Ramah Camping Movement
    New York, NY

    I want to start a giving circle because it offers the opportunity for new networks of donors to come together through the act of giving for Jewish causes that mean a great deal in our communities.

  • Jennifer Kryshka

    Jennifer Kryshka

    The Jewish Women's Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches
    West Palm Beach, FL

    I want to start a giving circle because teaching participants about strategic grant making allows them to participate in value based giving and provides an opportunity to meaningfully support an organization in their local community.

  • Jenny Kibrit Smith

    Jenny Kibrit Smith

    Port Washington, NY

    I want to build and belong to a community that values philanthropy and that harnesses our collective resources to support causes that are meaningful to us, to our children, and to our communities.

  • Jessica Katz

    Jessica Katz

    The Well
    Royal Oak, MI

    I want to start a giving circle because I think it is a innovative way to make a bigger impact than I can on my own while learning and helping others learn about philanthropic giving.

  • Joanne Van Ness Menashe

    Joanne Van Ness Menashe

    Jewish Federation of Greater Portland
    Portland, OR

    We are constantly striving for new ways to inspire and engage donors; this hands-on model will appeal to our younger generations while giving our older donors opportunities to share, teach & mentor.

  • Julie Tepperman

    Julie Tepperman

    Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit
    Bloomfield Hills, MI

    I want to start a giving circle because I know that it will introduce a creative and powerful new approach to philanthropy in the Detroit Jewish community.

  • Kendra Shore

    Kendra Shore

    Denver, CO

    I want to start a giving circle because I want to engage more women in philanthropy, educate them about women's issues and organizations, and empower them to advance social change and take on leadership roles in their communities.

  • Lauren Stark

    Lauren Stark

    Englewood, NJ

    I want to start a giving circle because donating through a giving circle will have far greater impact than individual contribution, and will provide a network of inspiration and information.

  • Lindsay Kriger

    Lindsay Kriger

    Shabbat Social
    New York, NY

    Giving circles have the power to bring people together- creating powerful conversations about what people care about while giving them the tools to act.

  • Lom Friedman

    Lom Friedman

    Jewish Teen Foundations
    San Francisco, CA

    I want to start a giving circle to support young philanthropists in making tzedakah both an ongoing personal practice as well as something that connects them to the Jewish community for a lifetime.

  • Michael Littenberg-Brown

    Michael Littenberg-Brown

    New York, NY

    I want to create a new model for engaging young Jews in challenging conversations around Israel and constructive collective action.

  • Michele Schipper

    Michele Schipper

    Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL)
    Jackson, MS

    As a representative of the ISJL, creating opportunities for giving circle members to socialize and support Southern Jewish life seems like a natural fit in the work I do to engage others in our region.

  • Michelle Nathanson

    Michelle Nathanson

    Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley
    Los Gatos, CA

    I want to start a giving circle because as a professional fundraiser I want philanthropy to be about choice and investment.

  • Mindy Schachtman

    Mindy Schachtman

    JCC Manhattan
    New York, NY

    JCC Manhattan is looking forward to building on our current giving circle program and engaging our audience in new ways.

  • Nathaniel Moldoff

    Nathaniel Moldoff

    New York, NY

    I want to start a giving circle because it will bring together dynamic, community-minded individuals to explore pressing social needs, become more mindful in our personal practice of giving tzedakah, and create a stronger sense of community.

  • Rachel Nadelman

    Rachel Nadelman

    Jews United for Justice
    Washington, DC

    Our impact -- particularly for grassroots efforts -- can be more meaningful and longer lasting from within a committed community that strategically works together to financially support our values.

  • Rebecca Pollack

    Rebecca Pollack

    Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ
    Whippany, NJ

    The Foundation would like to use giving circles to engage and connect young philanthropists to the Greater MetroWest community.

  • Ryan Eisenman

    Ryan Eisenman

    Atlanta, GA

    I want to start a giving circle because giving back is important and I want to further incorporate philanthropy into my life. A benefit of using a giving circle is the way it encourages more conscious giving and the development of strong relationships among participants.

  • Sarah Kornhauser

    Sarah Kornhauser

    Denver, CO

    I want to start a giving circle because it is a perfect modality for me to express and share my Jewish values with my non-Jewish friends.

  • Sarah Langer

    Sarah Langer

    Moishe Kavod House, Brookline, MA
    Somerville, MA

    I want to start a giving circle because there is a lot of energy at Moishe Kavod House for giving and social justice. We are striving to be just with our money as well as our actions.

  • Scott Hayman

    Scott Hayman

    Kirkland, WA

    I want to start a giving circle to meet and engage with more Jews, strengthen the local Jewish community, and advance the practice of philanthropy through a chavurah-like group, based upon Jewish cultural and religious values.

  • Shari Edelstein

    Shari Edelstein

    Olive Branch Giving Circles
    Louisville, CO

    I am passionate about strategic philanthropy, the power of local community and ending the Israel-Palestine conflict. Out of these passions, the Olive Branch Giving Circles has emerged.

  • Tracy Newman

    Tracy Newman

    PJ Library / Harold Grinspoon Foundation
    Agawam, MA

    Learning about and giving tzedakah is a central value of PJ Library and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. We hope to inspire families and professionals to explore their own approach to tzedakah.

  • Yoash Dvir

    Yoash Dvir

    Bronx, NY

    I want to start a giving circle because it is a great way to make a difference.


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