2016 Incubator Participants

We are pleased to introduce the 2016 cohort, a diverse group of leaders from across North America who represent a multitude of communities, philanthropic interests, and organizations.

Meet the Incubator participants & learn why they are starting a giving circle.

  • Alison Goldstein Sheldon

    Alison Goldstein Sheldon

    Hillel Community Day School
    Pittsford, NY

    I want to start a giving circle because our community believes in providing our children with the opportunity to learn at a thriving Jewish Day School.

  • Alyse Ticker

    Alyse Ticker

    The Jewish Education Project
    New York, NY

    I want to start a giving circle because it's time to expand our relationships to the next generation of supporters, to demonstrate what innovation can mean in Jewish education.

  • Bradley Cook

    Bradley Cook

    Los Angeles, CA

    I want to start a giving circle because I love giving with others.

  • Emily Bornstein

    Emily Bornstein

    Jewish Federation of St. Louis
    St. Louis, MO

    I want to start a giving circle to inspire community members to be active philanthropists. My hope is that our community feels more connected to each other, becomes more educated about giving and what Federation supports, and takes ownership in their value as philanthropists.

  • Emily Kates

    Emily Kates

    Brookline, MA

    I want to start a giving circle to connect with others around shared values.

  • Hayley Warshaw Wasser

    Hayley Warshaw Wasser

    Portage (Kalamazoo), MI

    Starting a giving circle is an opportunity to engage members of our small community in philanthropy through a Jewish lens. I want my giving circle to impact social change in our region (and beyond).

  • Heather Koslov

    Heather Koslov

    Sixth & I
    Washington, DC

    I want to start a giving circle to provide meaningful and fun ways to engage our community and our donors.

  • Heidi Greenbaum

    Heidi Greenbaum

    SAR Academy/SAR High School
    Riverdale, NY

    A giving circle will enable us to engage and educate like-minded people in the mission of SAR. Importantly, it opens a dialogue with people who share our values and can make a difference through their funding decisions.

  • Irene Zabarkes

    Irene Zabarkes

    New York, NY

    My giving circle will allow me to support organizations whose mission it is to advocate on behalf of Israel and against anti-semitism.

  • Itai Tsur

    Itai Tsur

    Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta - Atlanta Jewish Foundation
    Atlanta, GA

    As an organization dedicated to philanthropy and building community, we must adapt our work to the changing philanthropic landscape. Participating in the Giving Circle Incubator is a natural progression for us.

  • Jayson Littman

    Jayson Littman

    New York, NY

    I like the idea of creating a community of participatory giving. I want to start a giving circle that will allow us to not only raise money, but decide how it be distributed.

  • Jennie Starr

    Jennie Starr

    San Diego, CA

    I want to inspire people to launch innovative projects that engage the Jewish community, knowing they have a local giving circle that will fund their work.

  • Josh DeMoya

    Josh DeMoya

    Brooklyn, NY

    I want to start a giving circle because I have chosen to make Crown Heights my home and I want to have a stake and make an investment in my community.

  • Lindsey Fitzjarrell

    Lindsey Fitzjarrell

    Long Island City, NY

    I want our giving circle to create a sense of ongoing community and empowerment amongst Honeymoon Israel alumni; I believe we can have a positive impact on the future world through our value-aligned contributions.

  • Michelle Kracoff

    Michelle Kracoff

    Oshman Family Jewish Community Center
    Palo Alto, CA

    I want to start a giving circle to provide my community with an opportunity to express our Jewish values and have an impact on future generations.

  • Miriam Leichtling

    Miriam Leichtling

    New York, NY

    I want to start a giving circle to strengthen and grow our lay leadership connected to the Hazon Ride and Retreat.

  • Rebecca Israel

    Rebecca Israel

    Brooklyn, NY

    I want to start a giving circle to encourage myself and others around me to give and give more in a meaningful, intentional way.

  • Ross Berkowitz

    Ross Berkowitz

    Tribe 12
    Philadelphia, PA

    I want to start a giving circle to create a culture of giving. By stepping outside of one's self into the footsteps of another allows you to walk tall in your own shoes.

  • Sarah Waldbott

    Sarah Waldbott

    Brooklyn, NY

    I want to live my values by building an intentional community that promotes social justice through charitable giving.

  • Saul Korin

    Saul Korin

    Portland Jewish Academy
    Portland, OR

    I want to build community and passion for giving among parents at Portland Jewish Academy. Parents want new ways to connect to the school, the teachers and each other and a giving circle will help us get there.

  • Susan Leff

    Susan Leff

    Jewish Communities of Vermont
    Burlington, VT

    Starting a giving circle is a great way to engage people in learning to do good through philanthropy.

  • Valerie Khaytina

    Valerie Khaytina

    Hebrew Public
    New York, NY

    We are aiming to engage new individuals in our work by providing them with meaningful opportunities to engage in the organization's strategy and decision making.

  • Zhanna Beyl

    Zhanna Beyl

    Brooklyn, NY

    I believe in the power of creating community with a shared purpose where we tune in to the needs of others, while fulfilling our own need for meaning and belonging.


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