Roots & Branches Foundation 2016

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Roots & Branches Foundation is an initiative of Rose Community Foundation that engages Jewish young adults in collaborative philanthropy.

Amount: $52,729
Deadline: Oct. 11, 2016


We, the tenth group of Roots & Branches Foundation, have chosen to guide our giving with the Jewish philanthropic teachings of l’dor v’dor, teaching traditions and sustainable skills from one generation to the next, and v’hechezekta bo, strengthening those in need to help themselves become self-sufficient.

In December 2016, Roots & Branches Foundation will make grants totaling approximately $45,000 to nonprofit organizations serving the Greater Denver community with programs or projects that address the problem and people we identify as needing the most critical attention in our community.

This funding opportunity is by invitation only. We have selected a small list of organizations, including yours, to reach out to, because our research indicates that you address the problem statement below. We invite you to provide information to help us understand your work and its impact. After we review your information, we may request a site visit to see your work in action.

The Problem We Seek to Address: Racial and economic disparities and inequity in access to health and education lead to disparities in outcomes. Furthermore, health and education outcomes are interrelated. Low-income people and minorities are often under-served and have difficulty accessing the support and services they need to live healthy lives of dignity and to achieve economic self-sufficiency. These groups also face challenges securing these supports and services for their children, contributing to an intergenerational cycle.

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Custom Questions

Some grants require specific questions to be answered in order to make a decision. Every applicant will be required to answer the following questions in order to successfully complete the application process.

  1. Program/Project and Population Served Describe your program(s) or project(s) that addresses the problem described above. Include a description of the population who is directly served by these efforts. Explain how and in what ways the program addresses the problem statement. You may list more than one program or project as a menu of opportunities.

  2. Outcomes and Impact Describe the outcomes you seek, the impact you have, and how you measure your success for each program. Include evidence of success. Please include a story that provides evidence of long-term impact.

  3. Budget Please provide the following:

    • The total amount requested.
    • A short narrative description of the difference these funds would make for your program or organization.
    • A detailed line item budget for all program expenses and revenue for each project proposed. Itemize each major budget category of expense and revenue, and the total cost of the program or project. In the case of revenue, include all funds available for the program or project. If there are grants, indicate whether the grants are pending, anticipated or secured.
    • Your organization’s annual operating budget for the fiscal year that includes 2017 (grants will be made in December 2016 for use in 2017)
    • The most recent year-end statement of financial position (or balance sheet)
    • The most recent year-end statement of activities (or income and expense or profit and loss statement)
  4. Site Visit Provide four to five possible dates and times between October 24 and November 14, 2016 when a small group of Roots & Branches members may visit your office or facility to learn more about the specific program or project related to this funding opportunity.


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