0202 - Points of View from Jerusalem

0202 is an innovative, social-media news platform run by Jerusalem student-activists from all backgrounds. 0202 aims to enhance cross-cultural communication and promote tolerance between Jerusalem's diverse and often segregated communities

Location: Jerusalem
Year founded: 2015


Need: Jerusalem is a city fraught with violence, segregation and inequalities. Challenging yet is that each of the three Jerusalem sectors live in separate, alternative realities, including separate political institutions, separate school-systems, separate newspapers, even speaking different languages.

Response: 0202: Points of View from Jerusalem is an online, grassroots, local news platform founded in March 2015 by a group of Jerusalem-based activists to provide a greatly needed service in Jerusalem – to allow the different sectors of Jerusalem—Haredi (ultra-Orthodox), East (Palestinian Arab), and West (secular/religious Jews) Jerusalem—to access humanizing news and information from, and about, one another. 0202 aims to bridge lingual, cultural and institutional gaps in the hopes of enhancing communication, promoting tolerance and fostering understanding between the various communities in Jerusalem. 0202 believes that access to differing perspectives and narratives is a key step in peace-building.

Method: We currently run a website and three Facebook Pages: 0202- A View from East Jerusalem and 0202 - A View from Haredi Jerusalem in Hebrew, as well as 0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem in English. Each page provides insight into one of Jerusalem's three distinct communities, providing readers with access to translated updates from its leaders, public organizations, and media outlets, without commentary. 0202 seeks to enable all residents to receive equal representation in media, utilizing social media to strengthen and amplify marginal voices, and to give voice to all perspectives and viewpoints.

Staff: Our organization in run by nearly 30 students-volunteers and activists, coming from all across the political and religious spectrum—Israeli, Palestinian, right and left wing, British, American, Haredi, religious and secular Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Druze.

0202 in the Community


“0202 in the Community” is a collaborative events program that aims to partner with other Jerusalem organizations to create, run and host culturally-competent event, educational opportunities, and tours available and accessible all Jerusalem residents.

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What is the mission and purpose of this program?

0202 seeks to engage readers not only
through social media platforms, but beyond the computer screen, in
cross-cultural events that allow residents to encounter “the other”. The
mission of 0202 in the Community is to generate new partnerships with local
Jerusalemite cultural institutions and organizations to enable residents in
Jerusalem to see and experience the life and culture of others in the city in
lectures, panels, courses, and guided tours.

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Program Description

Since its founding in 2015, 0202 staff members have been invited to participate in numerous panels, lectures, youth activities and nationwide conferences. 0202 seeks to expand and develop this aspect of our work in the upcoming year by establishing a yearly plan and hiring a project coordinator to lead all of our community outreach endeavors.

Events – we offer educational and informative opportunities to elementary, middle and high school students, participants in pre-army and post-army programs, youth movements, communal living organizations, newspapers, colleges, political organizations. Our events are hosted by Jerusalem venues as in-kind donations, and are carried out in cooperation with other Jerusalem-based cultural venues or organizations, employing joint resources. These include Jerusalem institutions such as the Jerusalem Cinematheque, the HaMiffal cultural venue, Tmul Shilshom cafe, and others.

Tours – we offer residents tours of places and people they normally wouldn’t come across, led by people from the community being learned about. For example, in August we led an Eid Al-Adha/High Holidays tour with a Muslim tour guide and a Haredi tour guide. Language and subject of the tour is based on the participants (we ran a pilot of the tour, it was sold out within hours, and opened a second one which also filled up. 80 people came, with a 100 person waiting list). This December we hosted a Hanukkah tour in the Jewish neighborhood of Nakhlaot for a group of 25 Arab students from East Jerusalem in Arabic. The tour was led jointly by a Jewish tour guide and an Arab tour guide (a partnership with Kulna, an East Jerusalemite nonprofit, and Open Holidays).

In a sense, out events and tours allow our readers to get first-hand exposure to the topics that come up in our posts – for example – the previously mentioned Eid al Adha/high holidays tour.

Educational Partnerships – we team up with other organizations to offer educational opportunities based on our Facebook pages. We have recently partnered up with the Jerusalem Press Club to build and offer a specialized journalism course for journalists based in Jerusalem. Another example is Birthright, which recently contacted us in order to create educational programming about Jerusalem for birthright participants before and during their trips to Israel.

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Demonstrated Need

0202 as an organization aims to enhance cross-cultural communication and promote tolerance between Jerusalem's diverse and often segregated communities. Until now, it has done so by providing Jerusalemites with a local news platform in which members of various communities can access humanizing news and updates about each other.

0202 seeks to expand this access beyond social media, and allow people to learn about and experience one another. There are many organizations that run tours, like Ir Amim in East Jerusalem for example, that have a more geo-political focus. We seek to offer events and tours that are led by and hosted by locals for locals, a more “anthropological” “Humans of Jerusalem” approach. For example, we led a high holiday Selichot tour in the old city, guided by a local Haredi man, who showed participants how he (as a Litvak Haredi man) celebrates. We recently partnered up with a Chabad rabbi who hosted a group of secular and religious Jews at his house in commemoration of the Hassidic observance of Nittel Nacht, a tradition that developed in Eastern Europe on Christmas Eve. Our Hanukah tour in Nakhlaot for Palestinian students from East Jerusalem is another example – the tour was led jointly by a local Jewish tour guide and an Arab tour guide.

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Program Accomplishments

So far, we have hosted or participated in around 25 events, with some 1000 participants. These include in 3 panels, 3 inter-cultural Hanukah-Christmas events, 10 educational activities and lectures, a national conference on social media, 5 tours and 5 large-scale events that we hosted. These were all done on a volunteer basis by the staff.

Our most recent event, “An Evening With Jerusalem’s Haredi Press – a Panel with Leading Editors of the Mispacha and HaModia newspapers” – attracted a full house. We uploaded the live video of the event to our pages, and an additional 1000 were reached.

We are proud that our tours are offered in three languages. We look forward to participating in panels in Arabic once our final Facebook page is launched, 0202 – A View from West Jerusalem (in Arabic).

In addition, we offer cross-cultural tours, offering multiple perspectives in one tour. For example, the Eid-Al Adha and Yom Kippur tour was a joint tour led by a Muslim tour guide and a Haredi tour guide. The first half of the tour focused on the Eid-al Adha festivities at Damascus Gate and the Muslim Quarter, and the second half focused on Selichot (High Holiday Atonement at the Wailing Wall) in the Jewish Quarter and the Kotel. The tour guides showed life and tradition in these intertwining neighborhoods, and talked about how one person’s decorations served as another person’s threat, how one person’s synagogue is another person’s settlement. The tour included secular and religious Jews, Muslims, Christians and Haredi people.

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How do you measure the success of your program?

Qualitative criteria

We seek to see residents from all sectors attend our events, and offer events in at least three languages – Arabic, Hebrew, and English.

Quantitative criteria

100-200 participants per month - We hope to reach at least 100-200 participants per month in 0202 events, with different event aimed to include all of Jerusalem’s sectors.

Increase the number of events in each category – panels, lectures, educational activities and tours.

10 cross-sectorial events in 2018 - Since our inception, 0202 has participated in national panels, lectures, radio and television interviews and has even been the basis for academic research. We hope to see our participation in a least 10 more cross-sectorial events this year.

30-100 participants in course for journalists based in Jerusalem (a joint initiative with the Jerusalem Press Club).

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