Milk + Honey

Milk + Honey: Nourishing the Jew-ish Faith at Burning Man since 2008
Year founded: 2008


The mission of Sukkat Shalom is to nourish the faith of those who sleep in the dust. Since 2008, Sukkat Shalom has gathered disparate sparks of the Divine contained in all persons, forming a space for interconnection and exchange between all religions and cultures present on the Playa.The energy of such a convergence is used to elevate life on earth to more closely resemble a heavenly paradise. While Burning Man can be experienced as a hedonic and aesthetic smash-up, the festival is also home to profound transformation. The spirit of the festival leaves open a bold growth opportunity to engage creatively with oneself, with one’s community and a broader society. We hope to add a venue within Black Rock City in which any participant can stretch themselves, adopt new roles and connect with their higher selves. In 2014, Sukkat Shalom gave way to a new evolution of our Burning Man presence: we adopted a new camp name, "Milk + Honey" (though the underlying 501(c)3 nonprofit remains the same), and undertook a massive initiative to enhance our signature Friday night Shabbat Service and Dinner at Burning Man. Bolstered by support from a successful crowdfunding campaign and ROI Community (, we were able to provide a truly unique experience for the hundreds of interfaith attendees of the several-hundred-person Service, as well as physically serve 440 diners who were seated at our self-built beduoin-style tables, a magical, community-building Shabbat dinner. Still soaring from the astounding experience of taking part in the fruit of our collective labor in late August 2014, we have already begun dreaming up how we can continue to grow and spread community around Jewish themes and traditions in a way that uniquely connects with Burning Man participants in the coming year. With a Natan Fund grant, we'd be able to provide resources to members of our community who have ideas to take our offerings to the next level, and to a greater number of people.

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