Black Box

“Black Box” is an urban exhibition displaying photography art works on public billboards and various art installations in abandoned buildings throughout jerusalem. We use these venues as canvases for art allowing the people of Jerusalem to stop and dedicate time, thought and energy to our community.

Location: Jerusalem , Israel
Year founded: 2012


“Black Box” is an independent initiative exhibition seeking to seize the public sphere with an array of contemporary images. We invite both viewer and artist on a joint journey where art steps out of the sheltered and exclusive museal space and goes out to the street.

Everyday, massive amounts of people are exposed to a barrage of advertising on billboards representing our rapidly changing, fast paced and “easily digested” ready-made society. For ten days dozens of municipal billboards will be taken over by artists’ artworks. This is a joint venture to take over the commercial space, stop the manufacturer’s messages through what we like to call a “commercial break”. The new images scattered throughout the city will create new autonomies: unexpected enclaves that challenge and break the routine of people’s movement through the urban space.

The choice to display the art outside in public spaces will enable the unique immediate interaction between the viewer and his living space. This will create a new outlook and perspective to the living space the viewer lives in and makes him deal with his surroundings in a different way; the landscape, colors, feelings, smells, faces and the unique human collage of each neighborhood.

Each year we choose a different abandoned building for our opening night. Through installation and video art we breath new life into the place and raise awareness and generate excitement and public knowledge to these hidden gems that are unfortunately not known to the wide public.



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