Kayamuta - For a greener, grounded and rejuvenated Jerusalem. One garden and one community meet-up at a time.

Location: Jerusalem , Israel
Year founded: 2014


Kayamuta is Jerusalem's grassroots sustainability organization that promotes a more engaged, vibrant and informed population on all issues related to environment, sustainability and being an active citizen in Jerusalem.

Kayamuta was established to present an alternative to the loneliness and alienation of urban life and the urban consumer through workshops, classes, community gatherings and multi-disciplinary projects.

Kayamuta participants span all age ranges and backgrounds with one common goal: to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to transform the city around them.  

Kayamuta was founded in 2014 and is building a community of engaged Jerusalem-ites dedicated to rejuvenating the city, one workshop and one meet-up at a time.

Kayamuta's offerings include city recycling tours, community garden meet-ups, how-to workshops on composting and urban farming, hands-on carpentry experiences, skills training in metal repurposing and "fix it" skills to promote recycling in its truest form and to minimize waste.

Kayamuta is a "team player" with strong relationships and partnerships with the city government of Jerusalem, private businesses and a range of community and international initiatives including the International Permaculture Organization, MahaPach HaYarok (the Green Revolution), the Community Gardens Association and Muslala Association, among others.

We are a bridge between these various community groups with a focus on outreach and education, and are seeking grants to expand our workshop offerings for the coming year to populations throughout Jerusalem. Funds used to benefit Kayamuta's programming will also benefit our partner initiatives and organizations for maximal community growth and support.

No grants received yet



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