Prevention International: No Cervical Cancer (PINCC)

PINCC prevents cervical cancer among women in under-resourced countries by training medical personnel, creating sustainable programs, community outreach and education, train the trainers programs which result in lives saved.

Location: Piedmont , CA
Year founded: 2005


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Prevention International:  No Cervical Cancer (PINCC) is a non-profit medical training and community education organization that establishes self-sufficient cervical cancer prevention and treatment centers for women in under-resourced countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.  

With 300,000 women worldwide dying each year from a cancer that is preventable, PINCC brings sustainable prevention to women internationally! 

Grant funds would be used to establish sustainable cervical cancer prevention centers at hospitals/clinics to which PINCC is invited. We bring teams of volunteer doctors, nurses, health educators and support personnel to provide training at no cost to the host facility.  We enhance medical care services by also providing training in breast and gynecologic examinations and diagnosis and treatment of common problems such as infection. PINCC commits to three to four training visits per site, returning about every 6 months to follow up with training, and evaluation.  Additionally, we train and equip community health workers at each site.  

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women in many developing nations.  With your grant, lives will be saved and communities supported! 

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