Incubator 2018 Participants

We are pleased to introduce the 2018-2019 cohort, a diverse group of community leaders from across the United States, South America and Israel who represent a multitude of communities, philanthropic interests, and organizations. Meet the Incubator participants & learn what inspires them to start a brand new giving circle

  • Adina Navon

    Adina Navon

    Mazkeret Batya, Israel

    I'm excited to catalyze my pluralistic community in Mazkeret Batya to engage directly with philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.

  • Alejandro Stul

    Alejandro Stul

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    I'm excited to bring giving circles to Argentina and Latinoamerica!

  • Alexandra Turchinsky

    Alexandra Turchinsky

    New York, NY

    Through my giving circle, I'm excited to meet like-minded people.

  • Alyssa Cogen

    Alyssa Cogen

    Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation's Capital
    Washington, DC

    The Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation's Capital is starting a giving circle to engage new and existing donors.

  • Amy Benarroch

    Amy Benarroch

    New York, NY

    I am starting a giving circle to have an in-person component of my online giving community to bring people together.

  • Amy Helling

    Amy Helling

    Cornerstone Boulder
    Boulder, CO

    I'm excited to connect with like-minded people and discover new strategies for integrated giving.

  • Amy Zelenka

    Amy Zelenka

    United Jewish Federation of Tidewater
    Virginia Beach, VA

    My giving circle will be a new and creative way to re-engage women in my Jewish community who were previously involved.

  • Arielle Braude

    Arielle Braude

    The Office of Innovation at Hillel International
    New York, NY

    I am excited to transform a community that has been the recipients of other people's generosity into a community that gives generously.

  • Christie Gilbert

    Christie Gilbert

    Cornerstone Boulder
    Boulder, CO

    I’m excited to bring people together to increase our overall giving.

  • Dana Pulver

    Dana Pulver

    Kedumim, Tel Aviv

    For young musicians, even small sums can be very helpful and encouraging for beginning creators. Through my giving circle, I want to provide this chesed for young musicians.

  • Diane Bennett Eidman

    Diane Bennett Eidman

    The Chatham Synagogue/Netivot Torah
    Chatham Center, NY

    I am excited to galvanize the members of my upstate NY synagogue and create a giving circle that responds to the needs of the Hudson Valley community.

  • Gene Binder

    Gene Binder

    Cornerstone Boulder
    Boulder, CO

    I am super excited about starting a network of giving circles at my church.

  • GIl Yaacov

    GIl Yaacov

    15 Minutes - Public Transport Alliance in Israel

    I'm excited to start an active giving circle for improving public transport in Israel that will empower public participation.

  • Jill Madsen

    Jill Madsen

    Jewish Federation of Durham Chapel Hill
    Durham, NC

    I'm looking forward to expanding and enhancing the way we engage donors in philanthropy today.

  • Karen Stein

    Karen Stein

    Hannah Senesh Community Day School
    Brooklyn, NY

    I wish to engage the Hannah Senesh Community Day School community through meaningful giving circles that inspire passionate and joyous giving.

  • Lydia Kukoff

    Lydia Kukoff

    The Chatham Synagogue/Netivot Torah
    Chatham Center, NY

    I'm starting a giving circle to expand our Synagogue's social action efforts and to create community around our members' collective philanthropic experiences.

  • Muhi Khwaja

    Muhi Khwaja

    American Muslim Fund
    Fremont, CA

    I'm excited to help friends and family strategically give to causes they care about and create greater impact.

  • Rick Zitelman

    Rick Zitelman

    Washington, DC

    I hope to help educate and inspire Jewish parents and their adult children to "move the needle" and increase giving to Jewish organizations and causes.

  • Sam Rubin

    Sam Rubin

    Union for Reform Judaism
    Multiple Cities

    Our giving circle, for URJ program alum and Reform lay leaders aged 23-33, will be a shared space for commitment, community, and changemaking.

  • Shelby Zitelman

    Shelby Zitelman

    Washington, DC

    I believe an intergenerational giving circle will yield tremendous results for our community, and I am excited to work with my Dad to bring this project to life!

  • Uriel Aiskovich

    Uriel Aiskovich

    ID- Identity and Diversity
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    I would like to activate the culture of collective giving in Argentina.

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