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Organization-Specific Resources

Jewish Pride Fund Resources: Jewish Pride Fund Curated List

This is a list of organizations selected by the Jewish Pride Fund of the San Francisco Community Federation and Endowment Fund. Use this list to start and inspire your giving to Jewish LGTBQ causes. You can also use this for a pop-up. This tool was created from a replication project in partnership with the San Francisco Community Federation and Endowment Fund to bring the best practices of their giving circle to the broader Jewish world.

Organization-Specific Resources

Jewish Pride Fund Resources: Kickstart your Jewish Pride Fund

A Jewish LGBTQ giving circle meets the needs of the community in many ways. Here’s one example of an LGBTQ giving circle from the San Francisco Community Federation and Endowment Fund.

Videos and Tutorials

Lightning Talk: Family Conversations About Giving

As a nice pairing to the Family Conversation Guide, this short video walks you through some of the key ideas around family giving and having those conversations.

Giving Circle

Map your assets

As a collective group, you and your members have many assets to give beyond grants. The 3Ts (Time, Talents, and Treasure) or the 3Ws (Work Wisdom and Wealth) resource will help map the strengths and assets of your giving circle.


Money, Gender and Power: A Guide to Funding With a Gender Lens, from Tuti B. Scott & Slingshot

This funding guide from Tuti B. Scott and Slingshot answers core questions about giving Jewishly with a gender lens. If you or your giving circle is interested in how this can be done more effectively, this guide provides case studies of visionary leaders and organizations doing this work and tools to help you make better grants with a gender lens.

Videos and Tutorials

November 2023 General Amplifier Workshop

Watch these videos to learn more about the different tools Amplifier offers to help you with your giving conversations and leadership development for your lay leaders.

Organization-Specific Resources

Jewish Pride Fund Resources: Jewish Pride Fund Pop-Up

Looking for a way to build connections, explore values, learn about Jewish LGBTQ causes, and feel empowered? Use this pop-up guide to tailor our existing pop-up resources for an LGBTQ cause.

Giving Guides

Jewish Social Justice Giving Guide

Amplifier and the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable bring you our Jewish Social Justice Giving Guide. Social justice can be an especially fraught and high stakes topic and this guide is a tool to cut through the tension, offer clarity, and connection. The guide includes activities to do alone, with family and friends, or with a community of donors.

Giving Circle

Making Decisions

This resource briefly describes two different ways to make decisions in your circle; consensus and majority rules. For a deeper guide to consensus decision making take a look the presentation Tools and Techniques for Consensus Decision Making from the Rose Community Foundation.

Giving Circle

Mission, vision and values worksheet

Your mission, vision, and values are the guiding principles that your circle will use to navigate important decisions. This Mission, Vision, Values resource will help your group brainstorm and build consensus around these core components.

Giving Guides

New Year Giving Guide

Jewish tradition inspires us not only to give, but to do so with so intention. Use this guide as a starting point to help you reflect on how you gave this year, and to set intentions for how you’d like to give next year.

Giving Guides

OLAM Global Giving Guide

This guide will bring you on a step-by-step journey to clarify your values, research global causes, explore the work of impactful organizations, and assist you in giving ethically. There are many ways to use this guide from leading a discussion around global Jewish responsibility, to including global giving in your portfolio, to launching a giving circle on global issues, and more! Created in partnership with OLAM.

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