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From First Fruits to Abundant Harvest: Maximizing the Potential of Innovative Jewish Start-Ups, a report from Bikkurim & Wellspring Consulting

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The Abundant Harvest study, created by Bikkurim and Wellspring Consulting, will help you to understand the lifecycles of organizations and the different needs of start-ups and post-start-ups.

"The Jewish community is now faced with the new, significant, and exciting challenge of supporting and integrating the most promising post-start-ups in a systemic way. Currently, the Jewish community offers very little support specifically geared toward post-start-up needs, nor are those needs broadly understood by funders, capacity builders, and even by the organizations themselves. This study focuses on those start-up and post-startup organizations, few in number but strong in transformative potential, that are poised to make a significant contribution to the Jewish community."

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