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HEKDESH Tzedakah Learning Pod: Year 2

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Tzedakah in Your Everyday Life – Year 2

Money and Me – Year 2, Session 1 – What are Jewish approaches to wealth and money? What would a Jewish ethic of money look like? How might those influence your tzedakah choices?

Consumers, Consuming, and Consumption – Year 2, Session 2 – How does your consumption relate to your tzedakah? How do the Torah’s teachings on what we can eat relate to our material consumption and our tzedakah?

The Heart – Year 2, Session 3 – How does generosity of the heart relate to generosity of the wallet? How are receiving and giving related to each other? How might a daily or weekly tzedakah practice impact your generosity and/or your tzedakah?

Planned and Unplanned Giving – Year 2, Session 4 – Is giving a means or an end? What are some of the complexities inherent in giving “well”? Once you have your tzedakah plan, how do you handle requests for donations from friends?

Re-Vision, Renewal, Re-Thinking – Year 2, Session 5 – What percentage of your spending or income is the “right” amount to give to tzedakah and what are some of the considerations in deciding? What culture of giving do you want to see in your family or your community?

Discussing as a group – special for giving circles – where should our money go?
Multiple Hats – What does Jewish wisdom tell us about the responsibility of giving collectively? What are the various ways we can look at the HEKDESH Semi-Finalist organizations that will help us decide how to vote?

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