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Jerusalem COVID-19 Giving: A Curated List from ​Amplifier​ and ​Natan

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Even in the best of times, determining where to give can be daunting. The severity, scale, and urgency of the COVID-19 crisis can make it that much more challenging to identify where and how to give. We hope to make this process easier so that you can lean into a practice of loving kindness and intentional generosity when possible.

We’re teaming up with our expert partners to create lists of vetted organizations doing important work within their fields.

We consulted with Natan, a giving circle in our network that funds innovation in Israel and Jewish organizations around the world, to create a curated list of organizations they fund in Jerusalem that are providing direct services to vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re inspired to give to communities of the holy city who are in need, use this list to guide your own giving, or deliberate between the organizations in a Jerusalem-themed Pop-Up Giving Circle.

Please consider supporting one or more of these organizations if you are able, or host a Virtual Pop-Up Giving Circle to pool money with others and make a donation.

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