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URJ Teen Philanthropy Project Curriculum, from JTFN

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This full curriculum was developed in partnership between JTFN and the Union for Reform Judaism. This curricuium is geared towards synagogue high school students. Written by Dana Sheanin, MSW/MAJCS in 2012 as part of a pilot initiative with the URJ Campaign for Youth Engagement to start teen foundations at 13 Reform synagogues from 2010 to 2012. This curriculum includes the following sessions and appendices:

  • Session 1:  Parents and Teens
  • Session 2:  Jewish Values and Teen Philanthropy
  • Session 3:  Understanding Communal Need
  • Session 4:  Philanthropy Guest Speaker
  • Session 5:  Building Consensus
  • Session 6:  Choosing a Funding Priority
  • Session 7:  Creating a Fundraising Plan
  • Session 8:  Philanthropy, Activism and the RAC
  • Session 9:  Understanding Organizational Mission
  • Session 10:  Request for Proposals
  • Session 11:  Service Learning
  • Session 12: Developing Criteria for Proposal Evaluation
  • Session 13:  Proposal Reading
  • Session 14: Site Visits or Applicant Interviews
  • Session 15: Final Allocation Decision
  • Session 16:  Evaluation
  • Session 17:  Siyyum
  • Appendix I:   Frequently Asked Questions For Teens
  • Appendix II:  Sample Program Budget
  • Appendix III:  Sample Student Application
  • Appendix IV:  Sample Student Contract
  • Appendix V:  Sample Jewish Texts for Study
  • Appendix VI: Request for Proposals Samples
  • Appendix VII: Five Stages of Service Learning