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Introducing Amplifier's New Leadership

January 10, 2017

Here at Amplifier, we’re entering 2017 more inspired than ever to build and sustain giving circles - to help even more people engage in thoughtful, intentional, empowered, collaborative giving. Giving circles are powerful, inspirational forces for good in the world. They enable anyone, at any giving level, to band together with friends and neighbors to invest in the causes they care about, building the kind of communities, countries and world in which they want to live.

So we’re especially excited to announce that, just over two years since our public launch, Amplifier’s leadership and structure are evolving to help us to take advantage of the enormous opportunities ahead of us.

First, we’ve created Amplifier’s first Advisory Board! This diverse and talented group of leaders from across the giving circle, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors have honored us by agreeing to help guide Amplifier on our journey forward. They all embody Amplifier’s spirit of collaboration and creativity in their own ways, and we’re excited to introduce them to you:

Second, after being incubated at Natan since 2013, Amplifier has secured its own fiscal sponsorship, and Joelle Asaro Berman has become Amplifier’s first executive director. Joelle joined Amplifier in March 2015 as program director. Since then she has built Amplifier’s core programs, hired a talented team, shepherded a strategic planning process, brought on new funders, and honed her executive leadership skills through the Schusterman Fellowship.  

This talented leadership team will enable Amplifier to take on great things in 2017—together with all of you! You’re the reason why we’re here: to build and strengthen this incredible network of givers, giving circles, leaders, social change organizations, field partners, and funders. We’re grateful for your collaboration, inspired by your hard work and dedication, and amazed by the stories you share with us.

And please, keep those stories coming! If you have any to share, or any questions, please reach out at [email protected]. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and generous new year. Onward!