Amplifier is a network of giving circles motivated by Jewish values and inspired by changemakers making a difference around the world.

What is a giving circle?

  • A giving circle is a group of friends, family or co-workers who come together to give.

  • They pool their charitable donations and decide together where to allocate their money.

  • Amplifier is a global network of giving circles motivated by Jewish values.

Why join a giving circle?

  • It's Social

    Circle members do more than grantmaking. They also build Jewish community that breaks bread, hosts events, and creates lasting friendships.

  • It's Hands On

    Giving circle members learn about new issues and causes, engage with nonprofits directly, and make giving decisions together.

  • It's Powerful

    No matter how much each member contributes, giving together means your impact is amplified many times over.

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How does Amplifier work?

Amplifier is a global network of giving circles motivated by Jewish values and inspired by changemakers who are making a difference around the world. We catalyze, connect and counsel giving circles through hands-on guidance and our growing suite of tools.

  • Learn

    Amplifier's Resources Library includes guides to starting a giving circle, Giving Circle Case Studies, Worksheets, Sample Forms, and much more.

  • Get on the map

    Start your own circle and invite your friends, family, or colleagues. Or join an existing circle that works in an area or on an issue that you care about.

  • Discover great causes

    Whatever your cause, Amplifier's directory of non-profits makes it easy to find organizations worth supporting.

  • Do collaborative grantmaking

    Do collaborative grantmaking, keep track of members' contributions, review grant applications, vote on finalists, log your giving.

  • Stay in touch

    Schedule meetings through Amplifier and see who else is attending. Fun and meaningful events are one of the best reasons to join a giving circle.

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Want to amplify the power of your giving? Join a giving circle – or start your own!

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Take a giving circle for a test drive

Pop-up Circle is a 90-minute version of the whole giving circle experience. It's a great way to get a taste for how a giving circle works in just a few hours.

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Are you ready to take your giving circle from idea to reality?

Our Jewish Giving Circle Incubator will help you bring your giving circle to life. Whether you're 23 or 73, interested in social justice or Jewish innovation, and ready to give $50 or $10,000, we want you to join the Incubator. Apply today!

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